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歌手:Leah McFall&will.i.am | 2016-08-27
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This vocal powerhouse from Belfast has really caught the attention of thousands of avid music lovers over the past few years. From a massive landslide win at the Coca-Cola all Ireland music finals in Belfast’s Waterfront Hall with her powerful rendition of Aretha Franklin’s Natural Woman; to holding court at The Limelight with her unique session of both old standards and self penned tunes – this bombshell has earned the right to be taken seriously as genuine talent. She has been recognized as a truly awesome singer / songwriter and, as such recently won the title of Best Vocal Talent at the ITS international talent showcase event in Paris. Her vocal capability is simply massive. To call her credible is an understatement when you take the range of Franklin to Aguilera and wrap it up in a classic but cool presentation style that is on power with Winehouse or Duffy. All this together gives us one huge amount of talent in a little five foot package that is very easy on the eye. Leah McFall’s talent and stage presence is no accident. She has taken her amazing raw talent and worked relentlessly to perfect it into the outstanding entertainer we see today. No stranger to hard work, Leah has taken gig after gig to expand her experience in live performing. From wedding parties through restaurant backdrop sessions to regular spots at The Rotterdam, Donegans, and The Pavilion. This lady knows how to connect with her audience. She works closely with her skilled musicians that form her own band, collaborating with them on writing some really well crafted songs. Together they create a truly amazing live performance experience and are well respected and appreciated by audiences wherever they perform. Whether its their sell-out gigs at local venues or even their live session on BBC radio they have always received the respect and adulation they truly deserve. Leah's personal taste in music is incredibly eclectic covering most genres. The influences of classic Mowtown, Gospel and Blues flow elegantly through her set, however it is her own skill and individuality that will capture your head and touch you to your very soul. Leah is well within her comfort zone singing any of these but with a style and flair that would make some of the great divas sit up and listen.

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