Theophilus London&Kanye West

歌手:Theophilus London&Kanye West | 2016-06-12
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Born in Trinidad, rapper Theophilus London is based in the hip-hop hot spot of Brooklyn, New York. His 2011 EP Lovers Holiday generated enough buzz to score him the accolade of being named an MTV PUSH artist and performing an “Live in NYC” set in April. In May, he raised his profile even further by performing at the Cannes Film Festival.

A pal and collaborator of Mark Ronson, Theophilus London cites musical influences broader than those of your average MC, spanning R&B artists like Prince as well as Kraftwerk and the Smiths. (On his 2009 mixtape album This Charming Man, he mashed up the Morrissey-fronted band’s alternative classic single.) He released his album Timez Are Weird These Days, in July,2011.

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